Disaster Management
The Issues and the Need

Disasters in India, and around the globe, has been an increasing phenomenon, both in terms of intensity and geographical spread. Bharuch district, also vulnerable to disasters, is located on the mouth of the Narmada River in South Gujarat. The district is vulnerable to flash floods and industrial pollution in the coastal area. The most vulnerable population affected by the disaster include schedule caste, scheduled tribes, children and women who are also economically marginalised.

Program Objective

So far, GVT’s objective in disaster management has been to respond to the emergency situation by providing food and non-food items to the affected people.

Looking forward, GVT intends to become a resource agency that provides training in disaster response and preparedness, as well as trained teams who are ready to be deployed in case of an emergency anywhere.

  • Year 2006 and 2007, flash flood response: Distribution of food and non-food items kits (32 items such as rice, pulses, wheat flour, cloths, utensils, blankets, toys for Anganwadi centres, etc.)
  • Year 2013, flash flood response: Distribution of non-food items (cloths, utensils, blankets, toys for Anganwadi centres, etc.) in flood affected 5 villages and 1 island (Alia bet) of Bharuch district.
  • Looking forward, GVT aims to build a response team of volunteer doctors and other emergency personnel who can be deployed in case of a disaster.
Expected outputs and outcomes
  • Disaster affected people, especially marginalised children and women, have had access to essential food and non-food items.
  • Qualified personnel trained in disaster response and preparedness, who are ready for deployment.
Our supporters so far

Year 2006: Vibha, USA.
Year 2007: CASA, India.
Year 2013: Goonj (http://goonj.org/), New Delhi.


Year 2006: Rs. 5,00,000/-.
Year 2007: Rs. 5,00,000/-.
Year 2013: Rs. In-kind support from Goonj, New Delhi.

Positive impact and coverage

Flood affected communities of a dozen villages in Bharuch district have been covered so far, and future plan is to expand in this area based on the need and GVT’s increasing strength.