Bicycle for girls' higher education project

(2009 to continue)

An initiative of Gram Vikas Trust, Bharuch supported by individual and organizational donors.

This project supports girls living in interior villages to enroll in and attend schools regularly after class 6, otherwise they would drop out, as there are no upper primary or higher secondary schools in their own villages. For example, in 2009, GVT found out that in Aladar village (Vagra block of Bharuch district), none of the girls used to go to school after class 6, and till 2009, there was no girl in the village having higher secondary education.

Government partner

Department of Primary Education at the district level (Bharuch).

Funding support by
  • Individual donors (online and offline donations), 2009 to continue
  • Global Giving, 2011 to continue
  • Asha for Education, USA 2011 to continue
  • Give India, 2012 to continue
Project Goal

The project goal is simple: to enable more than 150 girls every year to access education after class 5 and beyond.

Specific Activities
  • Identifying girls who are dropped out and need enrolment in higher standard in nearby village higher secondary school.
  • Individual counselling and motivation
  • Motivation of parents and counselling.
  • Procuring and providing bicycles to the girls.
  • Tracking their progress in terms of their attendance and learning.

Interior villages of Bharuch district, where there are no higher secondary school within the village.


The project has directly benefitted more than 1,000 girls so far, and continuing.


More than Rs. 32,00,000/- so far, and approximately Rs. 4,80,000/- per year. (Approximate cost per child per year, or more than one year: Rs. 3,500/-).


Started in 2009, the project continues, and donor’s support is welcome to expand it in more villages to benefit more girls.