Support a child project

(Since 2001 to continue)

An initiative of Gram Vikas Trust, Bharuch supported by individuals and corporate and other donor organisations.

This project supports economically poor girls and boys who are in need of education materials and school fees in higher secondary and above level education.

Government partner

Department of Higher Education at the district level (Bharuch).

Funding support by
  • Individual donors (2001 to continue)
  • Asha for Education USA (2013 to continue)
Project Goal
  • To support economically poor girls and boys with education materials and school fees to improve their enrolment, motivation to attend schools, and learning process.
Specific Activities
  • Liaising with district education department and village leaders to identify children who are in need of education kits and fees.
  • Exploring donors who wish to support children’s education, and linking them to the needy girls and boys, while also managing funds to meet children’s needs.

More than 10 villages of Bharuch district.


More than 200 school children in higher education.


More than Rs. 14,00,000/- so far.
(Approximate cost per child per year: Rs. 7,000/-).


Since 2001, this activity continues, as it is simple to sponsor a child that costs approximately Rs. 7,000 per year. Individuals (for example employees of any organisation) and organisational donors are welcome to support us in this cause.