GVT Shikshana education project
(2010 to continue)
A Joint initiative by Vibha USA, Village Development Council (VDC), London, Asha for Education and Gram Vikas Trust, Bharuch for Quality Education in partnership with the District Education Department Bharuch, Government of Gujarat.

This project focuses on improving enrolment, retention and quality of education in 39 primary schools of Jhagadia and Vagra blocks in Bharuch district.

Government partner

Department of Primary Education at the district level (Bharuch)

Funding support by

Vibha USA, 2010 to 2014
VDC, London, 2009 to continue
Asha for Education, 2011 to Continue

Project Goal

Gram Vikas Trust is implementing the Shikshana model keeping in mind the vision and mission of the project, which is “To improve the quality of education in primary schools, so that the children develop interest in continuing secondary education, and make secondary education accessible to all the eligible children”.

Specific Activities
  • Home visit and motivating parents to send children to school.
  • Learning and playing activities in the project schools, and motivating children through giving them stars on their periodical achievements.
  • Providing para-teachers (where there is a lack of teachers) in the project schools.
  • Teachers’ training to develop their perspectives and positive behavioural skills.
  • Overall monitoring the Shikshana school performance for consistent improvement.

A total of 31 government primary schools of Jhagadia block (supported by Vibha USA), 8 schools in Vagra block (supported by VDC, London and Asha for Education USA) in Bharuch district (Gujarat).


The project has directly benefitted more than 5,000 children studying in classes 1 to 8.


Vibha, USA 1: Rs. 35,67,456/- (Approximate cost per child per year: Rs. 1,350/-).
VDC, London 2: Rs. 12,25,080/-
Asha for Education 3:Rs. 61,200/-
Total: Rs. 48,53,736/-


Started in 2010, the project continues, and donor’s support is welcome to expand it in more villages.