Household level safe sanitation
(Since 2013 to continue)
An initiative of Gram Vikas Trust, Bharuch supported by FINISH Society and district government.

This project aims at providing access to safe sanitation system in rural areas of Bharuch district. This is part of a larger project supported by Financial INclusion Improves Sanitation and Health (FINISH), a Public Private partnership, aimed at providing access to safe sanitation systems for 2 million people throughout different states of India.

Government partner

District Rural Development Agency, Bharuch district.

Funding support by
  • FINISH Society (2013 to continue)
  • Leveraged funding from the district government.
Project Goal

To achieve the overall objective of improving quality of life through better health and hygiene in rural areas of Bharuch district.

Specific Activities
  • Baseline survey to know the pre-project status of sanitation units in the target villages.
  • Use of Information Education Communication (IEC) materials to promote safe hygiene practices, including a film show “Let's make it rights for community”.
  • Animator and mason training activities.
  • Village and Falia (sub-village) meetings on importance of using sanitation unit, and disadvantages of not using the same.
  • Slogan writing on the walls in the villages to promote safe sanitation and hygiene practices.

More than 66 villages of Bharuch district.


More than 20,000 people.


More than Rs. 7,80,000/- so far for awareness raising, and for construction of sanitation units, leveraging government funding from Swatch Bharat Mission (SBM).


Since 2013, this project continues supporting the rural households to have access to safe sanitation units, and to raise awareness on improved hygiene practices.