Food kits to malnourished children

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Gram Vikas Trust (GVT) runs a programme to provide malnourished and underprivileged children with rations for three months.

The Basics

  • GVT has found a direct correlation between the backwardness of the region and the degree of malnourishment that children suffer from.
  • The scheme provides for children to receive nutritious food through Anganwadis in their respective villages.
  • Feedback on progress and the scheme itself is collected from Anganwadis as well as the children’s parents.
  • Children group members are identified from the Anganwadi, and visit children at their homes or at the Anganwadi centre.
  • They conduct nutritional assessment using recognised methods such as Mid Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) measurement, and test the water using a Bacto H2 kit.
  • A record of the child, including nutrition, diet composition and frequency, hand-washing practice, etc. is collected from parents.
  • Parents are invited to a public video show and a street play on malnutrition.
  • The water test reports are also shared with the parents.
  • Adults and community leaders are encouraged to write appeals to political representatives to include malnutrition in their election manifesto.

The Statistics

  • 80 – the number of villages surveyed in Bharuch district by GVT.
  • 1-5 – the age group of children found malnourished.
  • 17.4 – the percentage of children in the 1-5 year bracket who were malnourished.
  • 4.2 - the percentage of children in the 1-5 year bracket who were severely malnourished.
  • 41 – the percentage of the blocks under survey that had more than a quarter of their children malnourished.
    • Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
      Rations (pulses/ rice/ flour/ oil/ salt) 810.00
      500 gms tin of Horlicks 190.00 of Milk Powder 350.00
      Glucose biscuits 250.00
      Unit Price 1,600.00