School level safe sanitation
(Since 2015 to continue)
A joint initiative of Gram Vikas Trust, Bharuch and Charities Aids Foundation (CAF), New Delhi and the District Education Department, Government of Gujarat.

This project aims at creating access, awareness and action with regard to safe sanitation and hygiene for the school children. The project, for the period of 2015 to 2018, includes activities such as construction of 15 new and renovation of existing 5 sanitation units, separate for girls and boys, within the identified schools. The project also includes creating awareness among the school children and organizing them in hygiene committees to ensure effective and sustainable operations and maintenance of the sanitation units.

Government partner

District Primary Education Department, Bharuch district.

Funding support by
  • CAF, New Delhi (2015 to continue)
Project Objectives
  • Access: To construct/renovate sanitation facilities in schools in identified government primary schools in Amod, Bharuch, Jhagadia and Vagra blocks in Bharuch district.
  • Awareness: To raise awareness on sanitation and hygiene practices in 20 identified schools.
  • Action: To engage stakeholders through advocacy and capacity building on sanitation and hygiene issues for ensuring sustainability and impact.
Specific Activities
  • Liaison with the school/education department/community to carry out the project in government primary schools.
  • To strengthen School Management Committees (SMCs) and their regular meetings.
  • Formation of children’s groups/clubs for regular monitoring of the sanitation units.
  • Conducting meeting with SMCs and school staff regarding project activity.
  • Hygiene and sanitation awareness through street drama, documentary show and campaign at school and community levels.
  • Construction and renovation of sanitation units in identified schools.
  • Effective hygiene education in schools.
  • Timely maintenance to sustain sanitation infrastructure by giving responsibility to the formed committee.

A total of 20 primary schools in Amod, Bharuch, Jhagadia and Vagra blocks of Bharuch district.


More than 25,000 children.


Rs. 52,06,010/-.


01 June 2015 to 31 May 2018.